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Digital youth work in Europe

Youth work is a fundamental activity for young people to grow, to experiment, to test out new things and to find new opportunities for their lives. But what is digital youth work? It means to discuss about the present and the future of young people, their relation with technologies and how social media and digital […]

Youth work impact news

We are working hard on innovating youth working. Why should youth work be innovated? Youth work is overall the activity around the empowerment of young people, providing spaces, discussion and competence-development as a transition phase to reach out adulthood and work duties in a mature and sound way, giving the real opportunity of experimenting in a safe environment.  Therefore, […]

The leadership skills that all middle managers need

If one project one needs to look at, it is Leadership for Middle Managers , a project on the skills that all middle managers need. We have involved more than 20 medium- and big-sized businesses based in Poland, Romania and Italy to assess and understand the issues faced by middle managers. For sure, we live […]

Last news about youth work impact!

Here you have the last news about the youth work impact. In this newsletter you will find out the main competencies on youth work impact and the strategies to make impact happen. Yeuthpact is a project focused on quality youth work developed by Polygonal, GoEurope (Spain), Social DNA (Netherlands), GLaSP (United Kingdom) and SCAS (Bulgaria). The […]

Impact in youth work impact!

Youth work has a great impact in Europe – Youth department of European Commission has shown so in its last youth work report. What we have contributed to define the areas of impact in youth work and the competencies around it. We have great plans! Why? Because we will be creating an application to learn […]

Count to make moments count

“Count to make moments count” – this is the slogan we have chosen for the project SELF-MATE. The project works on financial inclusion and integration of people with fewer opportunities and migrants. Nowadays, we consider essential to be able to make transfers, to pay electronically, to easily access to home-banking, to use cards, file digital […]

Solidarity in health access: the role of NGOs

Disadvantaged groups and in general poorer have hard time in access to health services. One may think that factors are mainly economic, but it is not the case. In most of cases, the lack of access is linked to mistrust in institutions, to social relations and to a poor education level. Hence, the definition of […]