Entries by Marco De Cave

How to get people to participate

Many times NGOs and people wonder how to get people to participate in public life. In particular, our last great effort was to create the momentum to ask for a political change in terms of public health in our Region. How have we reached this great people’s participation result? As we also mentioned in one […]

Live First Aid!

There has been a long process of discussion and of meet-ups among local people in our community about the standards of healthcare and how to block the community hospital closure. We are organising an explosive event to raise awareness among young people, so we have decided to involve them in a creative way. There will a concert […]

Learn to code with a free game for kids

Coding for kids has never been so easy and funny. This is because our organisation has created a free game for coding robot-less for young people. To play it, you need only to download it and print it. In this way, kids will learn how to code and correctly use strategies. As a teacher or educator or parent, […]