cartoon showing ironically that the first aid line has been closed

Many times NGOs and people wonder how to get people to participate in public life. In particular, our last great effort was to create the momentum to ask for a political change in terms of public health in our Region.

How have we reached this great people’s participation result?

As we also mentioned in one of our last articles, we have created a short nice story of participation in last months, starting from a first group of people and then making the snowball roll. From elders, we then engaged adults and then finally young people. Such a result has been possible only thanks to the commitment and contagious energy that people have felt.

Some concrete steps to raise engagement among people:

  1. Make people feel the urgency about their action. They have to understand that they have limited time for input. In this way, people can adjust their contributions and gather. For this reason, we have created a coordination committee of citizens. Basically, it involved all those people who were genuinely interested in participating and have a say.
  2. Link participation to needs that are considered relevant. In fact, we have to stick to the present situation and help people to read their current situation.
  3. Work with different target groups creating more call to actions. Indeed, it is important to adjust call for actions with reference to different perceptions of the same problem.
  4. Use as many media and social media as possible (newsletters, social media, TV, radio, meet-ups, press releases).
  5. Rely also on physical presence – be in the streets, talk with people face to face. In this way, you can defeat online haters.



manifesto of civic activism concert

There has been a long process of discussion and of meet-ups among local people in our community about the standards of healthcare and how to block the community hospital closure. We are organising an explosive event to raise awareness among young people, so we have decided to involve them in a creative way. There will a concert marathon at 9pm on the 24th November 2018. On that event will be raising funds also to support the local civic committee of citizens for further democratic initiatives.

focus group digital volunteers

Why do you need volunteers to go digital? This is a question that many associations have asked to us and we think there is an answer to give.

Volunteers are not just local force for local causes. In fact, they should act globally developing skills and competencies relevant for nowadays world. As such, volunteering is an essential step to be part of society. In this way, digital does not only mean to be connected via social networks and tell out loud what your organisation is doing. It also means to use technologies to create a clear shift toward the ‘making‘ approach.

What is more, volunteers are not just consumers of experiences, but they are rather experience makers. For this reason, we have supported a special Erasmus plus project called “Raise Volunteers in Tech” or #Raivotech. The project focuses on the creation of high quality training material about digital volunteers and youth workers. In this sense, an important figure has emerged: the digital youth worker. As figure, he/she is able to combine different human dimensions, virtual and offline.

A great tool is the Raivotech platform for digital volunteers based on innovative and very practical training material that can be a good chance to have a certificated experience.

Coding for kids has never been so easy and funny. This is because our organisation has created a free game for coding robot-less for young people. To play it, you need only to download it and print it.

In this way, kids will learn how to code and correctly use strategies. As a teacher or educator or parent, you can integrate it to different educational needs, like primary literacy, mathematics, general culture. Plus, it can be used to support integration between kids/teenagers of different backgrounds.

Polygonal has adapted a game from to support educators in bringing coding in their classes and workshop at low price, without needing actual robots. In fact, the main concepts revolves around the concept of unplugged coding.

You can download the free coding game on the e-learning platform!