leadership compentencies for middle managers in Europe

If one project one needs to look at, it is Leadership for Middle Managers , a project on the skills that all middle managers need. We have involved more than 20 medium- and big-sized businesses based in Poland, Romania and Italy to assess and understand the issues faced by middle managers.

For sure, we live complicated times for SMEs. In an economy dominated by start-ups and liquid group work, talking about leadership and management is crucial. 

In fact, our shared question is What is the future of middle managers? This is a fundamental question as managers are still the heart and the core of employee engagement and of the business development.

leadership compentencies for middle managers in Europe

Thanks to Integrahr coordination, we have developed a scheme of skills needed by middle managers in Europe, both in leadership and in management.

A crucial element is to empower employee personality and here it goes another important training scheme by Albert Binda of L.GRAND HR Consulting. You can click here to read it!