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Here you have the last news about the youth work impact. In this newsletter you will find out the main competencies on youth work impact and the strategies to make impact happen.

Yeuthpact is a project focused on quality youth work developed by Polygonal, GoEurope (Spain), Social DNA (Netherlands), GLaSP (United Kingdom) and SCAS (Bulgaria). The first great result of the project is the research on youth work competencies to measure impact as we have involved 60 youth workers from Europe!

Today we want you to read the newsletter updates of the project. Why? Because you can keep posted and participate in November 2020 training in Amersfoort, in Netherlands, with our fantastic training team!

Here you can find the last news about youth work impact!

The first newsletter:

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The second newsletter:

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Youth work has a great impact in Europe – Youth department of European Commission has shown so in its last youth work report. What we have contributed to define the areas of impact in youth work and the competencies around it.

We have great plans! Why? Because we will be creating an application to learn about youth work competencies for impact!

You can read our report to check how youth workers are doing in Europe!