Digital Youth Worker project

Youth work is a fundamental activity for young people to grow, to experiment, to test out new things and to find new opportunities for their lives. But what is digital youth work? It means to discuss about the present and the future of young people, their relation with technologies and how social media and digital tools can help their ideas to grow.

Youth work has an heterogeneous status in Europe, but we are working hard to make young people get engaged. Youth work is a reality and even if it is not recognised, we do not surely give up.

We have done amazing an activity with young girls of an educational centre in our hometown to discuss about digital and gender gaps.

Yes, because digital education is about the rights of young people as well!

That is where Digital Youth Worker project comes in!

newsletter 1

We have produced beautiful material to communicate digital youth work as a concept to be much more discussed in Europe – you are more than welcome to discover it by clicking at this link.

We have the first newsletter of the project in Spanish, Italian and Bulgarian!




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